Description and use of Xender for PC

Xender for PC 2019

What is Xender?

Xender is an application for transferring or sharing any kinds of files and apps between all devices which are controlled by programming and have a memory device.

A simple interface allows creating share groups on mobile devices, groups those other devices can connect. Files and apps can be sent to a waiting device that will be sent to all group members and download automatically. An Apk file can also be installed easily.


  • Universal connectivity between
          • Android,
          • iOS,
          • Mac
          • Windows and
          • browser.
  • Files sharing by grouping.
  • No need any account.
  • No sharing limit.
  •  Files transfer fastly
  • wireless transfer like BlueTooth, shareIt etc.

Which device can use this?

All programming device and robotic machine, which is ascended with a programming language are used the Xender.

Compare with Shareit: what is better?

Xender and Shareit are the popular sharing application for all devices. Both have an easy and simple interface. There are some features and categories between Xender and Shareit below. these will help you to select which is better for you.

Xender VS Shareit

Advantages Xender ShareIt
Speed 40 Mb/sec 20 Mb/sec
Interface easy and friendly easy and friendly
Adds showing no adds showing adds
Net connection yes (need) no need
Files type All kinds of files All kinds of files
Application  available for PC or laptop available for PC or laptop
Fast 50 times than Bluetooth  40 times than Bluetooth

More information:

Developer    Beijing AnQiZhiLian Inc.
Publishure Beijing AnQiZhiLian Inc.
Copyright Xender
Category Utilities & tools
 Release date 8/11/2015
Size 3.08 MB

How to download and install Xender for PC?

Xender is a sharing system program. It has an application for android or mobile device but there was no software or application for PC.

Don’t worry, you have a system to share with PC we without any software or application and no need to download Xender to share files. Why is it possible, yeah…

search this address and follow the step to share any kind of the file before this check your internet connection.

or download the software

How to use it on the PC?

Follow the process of establishing between mobile devices and local computers. First of all, ready the devices and go directly bellow.

  1. Connect your net to browsing on your PC or laptop
  2. Go to your favorite browser
  3. Search the
  4. Scan QR Code by other devices
  5. Now you connect and share, send or receive your files to access the next process that you can understand to see your screen.

Or download the software

Conditions :

  • No condition there is.
  • No need for downloads.
  • Just enter the web to a computer.
  • If you want can download the software.

Conclusion :

All over the post, I have told you about Xender. it is the File Transfer & Sharing web and application software for a mobile device, is effective at transferring files. Sending and receiving files smoothly to a group or one device is useful for sharing data with another device.

If you have to make a deal with any problem to use Xender. then ask me in the comment box.  : family always helps you to use the best technology.

Updated: November 26, 2019 — 11:11 PM

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