How to Safe in Internet World

You may be surprised to know that now the number of Internet users in Bangladesh is more than seven million as the government. The benefits of the Internet have made our life easier, of course, but there is some downside. Many people are facing problems today because of not knowing the dangers of using the internet. In fact, today’s people’s personal information is the most valuable. Rumor has it that the theft of personal data has been an undeniable contribution to Donald Trump’s victory in the US parliamentary election. Think about how valuable your personal information is!

On the basis of this, various software, apps are being created and disseminated, and through these the act of stealing information through direct, sometimes tactical and sometimes fraudulent. And almost all Internet-based organizations are doing this. One of the top ride-sharing platforms in the country has recently collected and stored sensitive information about users through its apps. Which is also a threat to national security. The common people of this country are fascinated by the mere feature of the internet, no one tries to know what’s going on inside.

The privacy policy describes how your personal information will be used when you install an app. Consent to this definition is to disclose personal information only and should use the app. Most users, however, do not read and accept this long policy. As a result, Internet-based companies can easily collect and store your most valuable personal information. Everyone should be careful about these minor matters. There are some discounts available to be a trusted developer, but when you are using an app by a stranger developer, it is not a small matter. By the way, if you are aware of anything enough to protect the security of the Internet, let’s talk about the issues of being aware today.

Warning in browser selection

Since the web browser is used more to get internet-based information and services, it is very important to ensure the security of the web browser and use it securely. But the web browser that is normally provided with the operating system of the computer or the web browser we install does not usually guarantee security. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser, as well as many other browsing software, is available. While these are interesting to look at, most of these web browsers take all your information. So be careful during browser selection.

Warning about using the free Play-Store app

Many download free apps from the Play Store. Only 5 percent of these apps share information with Google. For which the user consent is not taken However, Google has completely denied it. Not only Google is involved with data sharing practices Up to 5 percent of apps share information with Facebook. There are several apps that share user secrets with reputable companies like Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft. Theft and sharing of information is not the first. Information was stolen in the same way before Recently, the issue of news media is coming to the fore. And, from there, users are worried about how secure their information is. So, be careful before downloading the free app from the Play Store.

Warning over public Wi-Fi use

Be careful about using public Wi-Fi connections. There are many of us that connect to smartphones anywhere when we have public Wi-Fi. Change this habit too fast. Otherwise, you may be victim of hacking or malware from such public Wi-Fi. Many cyber criminals do the hacking or virus removal through a connection that is free. So the phone should not be connected to any Wi-Fi connection unknown.

Alerts about using Facebook third-party apps

Every day a new app called ‘How would you look like a girl?’, ‘How would you look after a year?’ Many of us know that the app is not trustworthy, but we simply enter the app for pleasure. Do not just enter the timeline and share it with the friends list. Many friends also enter the app for a little pleasure. The sole purpose of creating these apps is to capture user information. And so the app says, the more information you add, the more accurate this prediction will be. We hope to add more information in that hope. These apps will capture your valuable personal information. So keep yourself from getting into these Facebook apps.

Hacking social media accounts

We spread a lot of information through social media like Facebook. But we do not know that many are constantly trying to steal our personal information. So often accounts are hacked. You may be wondering what hacked information will be useful?

Logic analysts say that hacked information from Facebook is valuable. Facebook hackers can take information from cyber miscreants to earn money from it. They sell it on the Dark Web.

They access the dark web through certain software and sell that information. Security Specialists b

Updated: December 4, 2019 — 7:49 PM

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